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Hi, I'm Anthony.

I'm a photographer, husband, father, dance party starter, karaoke performer and fun-haver.

Magazine spreads are what first sparked my interest in photography. I was always fascinated by the well thought compositions and how the photographers were able to draw you into a story through their art.

That's really what I'm trying to do. Tell a story. Even if it's a well-orchestrated photo shoot, I'm not just looking for the perfectly posed moments. I'm looking for those moments in between. The ones where you are just being authentically you. So that when you look back at your photographs, you'll actually be looking back at memories ... not just fake smiles and awkward poses.

You'll find that I'm a really easy going guy ... the kind of guy who regularly performs choreographed moves to "Footloose" in the living room with my kids ... which I think is the reason I'm able to capture those authentic moments. I love making my clients laugh and lightening the mood with a joke. (A hilarious one, obviously.)

I also love getting your input and collaborating with you so we make sure we get the photos you want. And maybe you do want the fake smiles and awkward poses. We can totally do those. Just know that I'll sneak a few of those in-between moments, too.

Blah blah blah you should hire me because I'm great.

If you want to start brainstorming for your next photo shoot, send me a note by clicking the cool little button below. I'd love to work with you to tell your story.

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